Belgian Beers

Belgium, “Land of Beer”, is demonstrating again it’s know how by creating natural and traditional beverage.  All our beers are coming from belgian brewery. We have a beautiful range of organic beers

Juice & Smoothies

Discover our juice and Smoothies “Wellness” full with vitamin en enzyme because we make it “à la minute” exclusively with fresh organic fruit and vegetable

Fresh Milk

Custumize your coffee or smoothie. The Sister provides goat milk for lactose intolerant, hemp milk for a breakfast bowl, and also oat milk and soy milk for a vegans.

Gluten Free

We consider the importance of issues such as cross-contamination, and the difference between being gluten-intolerant and coeliac. We offer the opportunity to gluten intolerant to choose between several beers, bread and desserts.

Foccacia Bread

Our bread is made in Brussels with organic ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
The bread is baked with 100% green electricity using renewable resources whenever possible.


Vegan Friendly

What about when you're eating as a group, and only some of you are vegan?
We have home made vegan soup all day's, desserts and a few dishes are completely animal free and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
Eat the real thing