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The « Hildegard von Bingen » Line

Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most important women of the High Middle Ages, had a vision about a healthy lifestyle.

The power of nature’s products played an important role in her « spiritualistic awareness ». Hildegard who was a noblewoman, had the goal to learn as much as possible about herbs and plants and to pass this knowledge on. She founded two monasteries, instructed her nuns in herbal medicine and put her knowledge in writing. Still today her documentations are of great significance.

For our Hildegard range we have chosen a selection of the recipes of this great woman of herbal medicine. With doing this we carefully tried to adapt her recipes to today’s taste. The majority of our Hildegard range is based on original recipes. To avoid confusion adapted blends are clearly stated on the label.

“Austria Bio Garantie”, the leading Austrian organic auditor, visited SONNENTOR.